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The first and the only online regulatory advising portal for Pharma/Biotech drug development industry.
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If you're developing new pharmaceuticals or biotech new biologic entities, you need to ensure they're ready to meet the high standards set by the FDA and other global regulatory authorities. GRSAOnline is your choice for global biotech and pharmaceutical regulatory strategic advice for the development of new or established drugs. Successfully prep your latest pharmaceuticals for FDA approval with proven advice from GRSAOnline.

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We provide over-the-phone and online strategic regulatory advice by the hour or by the project at a competitive rate.
By focusing on translating regulatory requirements and the regulatory scientific interpretations of FDA written correspondences and advice into practical and workable plans, we're able to better expedite drug development and approval for your company!

Current Focus
Strategic regulatory advice for the development of new products, including small molecules, large proteins, and monoclonal antibodies.

Therapeutic areas of focus:

  • Oncology
  • Immunology/Inflammation/Pain
  • Antivirals, and other specialty therapeutic areas, such as hematology/hemophilia and therapeutic cancer vaccines.
  • Orphan indications

We may also provide services in endocrine, metabolic, CNS, dermatology and other primary therapeutic areas including 505 (b) (2) filing strategies and feasibilities.


  • CMC regulatory and scientific strategies in the drug development of both small molecules and biopharmaceutical products.

Click here for more information about our services. Click here to see how our online process works.

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"In the past, anyone could make a decent return; now there is a clear differentiation of strategies, and there will be winners and losers."
- Former Senior Exec of a Global Pharmaceutical Company

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