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and Biotech Companies Via Online

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How It Works

GRSAOnline provides online pharmaceutical and biotech regulatory strategic advice that is fast, affordable, and efficient. We do all the work and provide you with the most effective solution to your regulatory issue/query related to your developmental or marketed product.

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Our Simple Five Step Process is:
Go to our "Contact Us" page to provide information about your Company

2. Pose simple or complex regulatory questions or scenarios related to your project

(Click on 'Project Examples')

3. Submit the question or scenario to receive an email* response within 30 Minutes
   *Our Email may include details about missing information required for a more accurate answer or a
   Confidentiality Agreement request if your question isn't general in nature, requiring disclosure of your
   proprietary information. Also receive an estimate on the amount of hours or weeks required for us to complete a

4. Upon agreement pay your fee online via PayPal or another credit card system.

5. Receive an email or another mutually agreed upon delivery system containing our Regulatory Advice
   (Responses aren't delivered until we receive your payment).

Note: Minimum half-hour fee is charged for any question, query, issue, or project requiring a response that takes less than 30 minutes to complete

response or provide solution to your issue.


Advice/Consultancy on Retainer Basis

Several companies both small or big can also establish monthly (3 or 6) or yearly (1, 2 or 3 etc) retainer accounts with GRSAOnline which allows immediate/instantaneous, on-the-fly advice on matters of regulatory solutiions/strategies for drug development/approvals involving CMC, clinical. nonclinical, clinical pharmacology/biopharmaceutics, safety areas. The rates are negotiable.

GRSA Strategic Executive Committee
GRSAOnline will consult/use (only if necessary) proven industry experienced individuals who've delivered positive results during their present/past association with the industry. Our internal regulatory strategic executive committee then reviews all solutions gathered from the industry experts to craft a strategic response and delivers it to you. The crafted response is geared toward results-oriented, actionable regulatory advice that provides a clear and an expedited approval pathway. 

Contact GRSAOnline for more information about how our effective process works. Also, Please visit 'Guest Column' to provide any constructive feedback.


NOTE - We will promptly inform you if GRSAOnline is unable to service your request/assignment.

LIABILITY OF GRSAOnline - In furnishing any Client/Company or individual with the Regulatory Advice Consulting Services, GRSAOnline shall not be liable to any Client/Company/Individuals or its creditors for errors of judgment or for any matters, except for willful malfeasance, or gross negligence in the performance of the Services.  It is further agreed and understood that GRSAOnline may rely upon information furnished to it by Client/Company/individual which GRSAOnline reasonably believes to be accurate and reliable and that GRSAOnline shall not be accountable for any loss suffered by Client/Company/individual by the reason of Client's/Company's/Individual's action or non-action on the basis of any advice, recommendation or approval of GRSAOnline, its employees, officers, directors or agents, except as provided above.