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For Start-up Biotech Companies - Get all of your regulatory development strategies and answers to regulatory questions/issues without the need of a comprehensive regulatory department or use GRSAOnline as an additional resource to supplement your existing regulatory department for projects in specialty therapeutic areas.

For Emerging small to medium size/big pharma - Get a second opinion or double check answers to regulatory questions/issues or a regulatory development strategy either developed internally  or provided by other consultants/CROs.

Get an overall guidance for a regulatory development of novel drugs in specialty therapeutic areas, or for established drugs for new indications/dosage forms seamlessly navigating across several hurdles.

Our principal areas of focus and strength:

Regulatory Strategies Critical to Phase I to Phase II/III or Phase II to Phase III Transitions
Depending on Whether the Drug is a First-in-Class NME or a 505(b)(2) Established Compound

End of Phase-1 or End of Phase-II (EOP 1/II) Strategic Result-Oriented Briefing Packages
• Include strategically crafted questions

Regulatory Input and Assessments of New Study Designs and Proposals
• Help to Align with Regulatory Mechanisms to Expedite Drug Development for Rapid Approval or attain a Significant Regulatory Milestone

Or use GRSAOnline for a second opinion or to double check your already set regulatory drug development strategy.

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Other Services

  • We review and provide constructive comments on regulatory reports and summary documents (i.e. clinical study reports, BA/BE reports, pharmacology, and toxicology reports etc).
  • Some of the reports and documents we look at not only from compliance perspective with regulatory guidelines but also from a strategic perspective to ensure acceptability to the regulatory authority therapeutic discipline reviewers.
  • You can also obtain feedback on or double check your preset strategies on drug development pathways with GRSAOnline.
  • Use GRSAOnline experts to enable content development of regulatory pertinent information and strategic points to consider which are required for key regulatory submissions/presentations to the FDA and other Agencies worldwide. 
    • Examples: End of Phase I/II briefing packages, Type A, B and C meeting letters and packages, Orphan Drug Designation, Fast-Track Designation, Advisory Committee Meetings (i.e. ODAC) EU Scientific Advice, PIP etc.

Contact GRSAOnline for sound advice on the development of your drugs.

NOTE - We will promptly inform you if GRSAOnline is unable to service your request/assignment.

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